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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Work more efficiently, make better decisions and achieve better results.

All companies, large and small, can use ERP or business software customized to their specific enterprise. What makes OPTIMIZE unique? Our personal approach! We take into account how you work so you can experience optimal (continued) growth. We have an extensive range of solutions and will customize our standard software to the way you work, not vice versa. This way you stay agile, efficient, profitable and ahead of competition.

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Customer Relationship Management

Sell more with less effort.

In contrast to most software suppliers who offer CRM as standalone modules, the CRM solutions by OPTIMIZE are fully integrated into the ERP landscape. This allows you to do more than just track the entire sales process. You also get immediate access to other customer-related information saved in the central (ERP) database. This makes annoying and time-consuming connections between your CRM software and your other business software completely superfluous.

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E-COMMERCE | Web shop

An affordable web shop for every SME.

Are you, just like many other SMEs, thinking about starting a web shop? And would you like to link this web shop to your own administrative software? You can! OPTIMIZE offers a standard module for setting up your own web shop - linked to your own database - in no time.

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Business Intelligence solutions (BI)

Make smart use of the information from your business software.

Your business software contains a treasure trove of information. But are you already using this information to remain informed of what is happening at your company? Or to detect trends? And to give your company’s growth an extra boost?

That’s why we will help you make all the information from your ERP software permanently available for Power BI by Microsoft, among others. With Microsoft Power BI you can turn your data into rich visuals, examine your numbers in detail and report what you want in the way you want. 

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Business Process Management (BPM)

OPTIMIZE offers process-oriented solutions for establishing and managing your processes so that they meet the specific needs of your business:

  • Business architecture in order to effectively use IT by coordinating and aligning strategy, business processes and IT architecture.
  • Process optimization for assessing, automating and optimizing business processes and as support for quality assurance.
  • Health check for analyzing bottlenecks, detecting waste and submitting suggestions for improvement.

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Go for a successful implementation.

Is your ERP system or business software adapted to your own business processes and workflow? And is your software effectively doing what you expected it to? Only then will your project succeed.

We will give you personal, professional advice based on the way the software is best applied at your company while taking into account your own business processes and workflow. Our consultants - all with many years of business experience - will be at your side before, during and after implementation.

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Project Management

Opt for careful, systematic project management.

Are you thinking about acquiring or replacing an ERP system and are you looking for a way to tackle such a project in a structured manner and within your budget? You can!

OPTIMIZE offers you personal, professional support and guidance, from A to Z. Our project managers have specific ERP implementation experience and understand both the business side and the technology side of things. Their knowledge, skills, capabilities and experience are the key to success in your ERP project.

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Make your investments pay off.

A (new) software system has a major impact on the daily operations of your organization and employees. Successful implementation of software stands or falls with good employee training.

OPTIMIZE offers a wide range of training programs. Both in-house as well as at your office, in groups or customized for your company. We will teach your users all the possibilities that the package has to offer so that they can learn how to effectively use the software in a minimum of time.

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OPTIMIZE works together with strong, professional hardware partners.

Because post-sale service is essential for the success of an IT project, we can offer you an all-inclusive service.

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