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ERP for manufacturing companies

M-Soft-Production is our all-in-one ERP for manufacturing companies and contains specific functionalities for various sectors.
It is developed for one-off production, serial production, project-based production and delivery from stock.

M-Soft-Production | ERP-software voor productie en projecten

Why choose M-Soft-Production?

M-Soft-Production optimizes all the operations of your manufacturing company.
We guarantee fast and budget-friendly implementation without limiting your options for the future.

M-Soft-Production was developed for manufacturing companies that do one-off production, serial production, project-based production or delivery from stock.

It contains specific functionalities for various sectors such as metalworking/metal processing, mold construction/mechanical engineering, cosmetics, food, social enterprises, etc.

ERP software for both SMEs as well as multinationals - because an SME has different needs than a multinational company.
You only purchase the modules you need. Customization is also possible but can usually be avoided.

With M-Soft-Production you have a system adapted to various laws, languages and currencies for activities all over the world.
Thousands of users in more than 15 European countries, Asia and the US benefit daily from our many assets.


M-Soft-ERP, powered by Progress

All-in-one ERP for every manufacturing company

As manufacturing company you are confronted many times a day with your in-house manufacturing processes and with the associated administrative processes. Quotes, order recording, manufacturing planning, receipts of items, purchase management, invoicing, financial control of the manufacturing process, ... all these administrative tasks can be automated by M-Soft-Production.

Engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock ...

M-Soft-Production is the perfect ERP software for every company that does customized, one-off and/or serial production or delivers from stock. Our many years of experience in various markets, close contact with end-users and continued striving for product improvement are your guarantee for a user-friendly, functional, up-to-date and yet simple software.

Modular design and fast implementation

We will customize M-Soft-Production to your specific needs with the help of parameters. The modular design of the software permits us to activate the modules that you need.

Integrated accounting software and HRM

Thanks to seamless integration with our accounting software M-Soft-Account and M-Soft-Time for HRM and attendance recording/access control you have a more than complete, powerful and cost-saving ERP solution. 

Your benefits? 

  • low investment costs
  • fully integrated ERP solution
  • you can get to work quickly
  • sector-specific functionalities
  • easily expandable, customization is also possible

In short, M-Soft-Production is the perfect solution for lowering your administration costs, saving time and giving you the insight you need to make the right decisions.

M-Soft-Production is a Priority Software brand and a product of M-Soft.


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