M-Soft | Bedrijfssoftware voor productiebedrijven en staalhandelaars

M-SOFT | ERP software solid as steel

M-Soft develops modular ERP software for manufacturing companies and

the steel industry, including ferrous, non-ferrous and iron goods, with the associated range of services.

M-Soft | ERP-software geschreven met ervaring en expertise

ERP for manufacturing companies and the steel industry since 1986

M-Soft is not a software distributor but a maker of its own powerful, modular ERP solution that streamlines the complex structure of companies. We have been developing ERP solutions specifically for manufacturing companies and the steel business, including ferrous, non-ferrous and iron goods since 1986.

M-Soft, ERP software for medium-sized and large companies

  • from one to an unlimited number of users
  • modular ERP software and customization (optional)
  • specially developed for manufacturing companies and for the steel business
  • investment that’s right for you through a purchasing or leasing formula
  • in-house help desk

For all your activities such as administration, purchasing, sales, accounting, logistics, production, personnel, marketing, management, etc.

User-friendly software

Our modular ERP solutions can be customized to the size, type and specific requirements of your enterprise. Our many years of experience, close contact with end-users and continued striving for product improvement are your guarantee for a user-friendly, functional, up-to-date and yet simple software.

Professional services and consultancy

In addition to software development, M-Soft also offers services for making switching to our software as seamless as possible. That’s because your implementation won’t succeed until your software does what you expect it to. Our team of product specialists will personalize and implement your solution within a very short time frame. They will assist you before, during and after implementation.

Our ERP solutions

about M-SOFT

Since 1986

M-Soft NV was founded in 1986 as the Information Technology department of the Belgian-Limburgian steel company “Metalim”, which later became a part of the ArcelorMittal Distribution Division. At that time, M-Soft developed one of the first ERP solutions specially for the steel and metal sector. Given the sector-specific nature of this solution, it was named M-Soft-Steel.

M-Soft NV

M-Soft became a private company in 2004. From then on, the steel ERP solution was not only used by the ArcelorMittal Distribution Division but was also offered to new customers - throughout Europe - who are active in steel and non-ferrous metal distribution, as well as to steel service centers and (de)coiling companies.

Welcome,  M-Soft-Production

In the 1980s, M-Soft developed the first version of its ERP solution for manufacturing companies. M-Soft-Production is aimed at SMEs that work with “modest” production, in small series or on a per project basis. Together with and fully integrated into M-Soft-Steel and M-Soft-Production, M-Soft-Account, the premier international accounting solution, was developed. M-Soft-Time for HRM, employee management, time recording and access control, and M-Soft-Web for e-commerce more than completed the M-Soft ERP solution.

International partnership

The year 2008 saw the addition of an international shareholder for M-Soft. This provided additional investment for an incentive for the international steel and metal distribution market and the start of an international partnership for that market.


Today, M-Soft is a Priority Software product. Priority is global business management solutions provider with ERP applications for every type of business in every business sector for Windows, Unix, Linux and macOS operating systems and solutions for Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management services (CRM) and Business Process Management (BPM) services. Priority currently serves more than 75,000 companies worldwide.

The future

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