M-Soft ERP Bedrijfssoftware voor staalhandelaars

ERP for the steel industry

M-Soft-Steel is our ERP solution specifically designed for the steel industry, including ferrous, non-ferrous and iron goods.

A powerful total solution with unique sector-specific functionalities.

M-Soft-Steel | ERP-software voor de staalhandel

Why choose M-Soft-Steel?

M-Soft-Steel is suitable for the steel, non-ferrous metals and iron goods/hardware sector and steel service centers.

Our ERP package was developed based on 30 years of experience in and knowledge of the steel and metal sector. 


M-Soft-ERP, powered by Progress

Solid ERP software for every steel (trading) company

M-Soft-Steel is the perfect modular ERP software for the steel, non-ferrous metals and/or hardware trade and steel service centers. It automates and streamlines your entire company for improved service provision to your customers, both nationally and internationally.

Full Business Automation

We ensure a highly automated business flow, with single data input used across the board along the entire business process. M-Soft-Steel offers functionalities that have been created with the steel industry in mind, rather than try to adapt a "general" ERP solution, and this should allow to stand out amongst our competitors.

Integrated accounting and HRM

Thanks to seamless integration with our accounting module M-Soft-Account and M-Soft-Time for HRM and attendance recording/access control you have a more than complete, powerful and cost-saving ERP solution.

Customized software development is also possible but can usually be avoided.

Reporting and statistics

The reporting options give you a more than complete view of your various business processes. Based on those numbers and information, you can make well-founded decisions. A company that does not know what is going on is essentially driving a Formula-1 car while wearing a blindfold.

Your benefits?

  • you can get to work quickly
  • low investment costs
  • fully integrated international ERP solution
  • specifically developed for the steel/metal sector
  • easily expandable, with customization possible

In short, M-Soft-Steel is the perfect solution for rolling back your inventory and delivery dates, saving time and giving you the insight you need to make the right decisions.

M-Soft-Steel is a Priority Software brand and a product of M-Soft.

M-Soft-Steel | article management and parametrization

Article management and parametrization

The steel sector has specific requirements with respect to article management and parametrization. That’s why we take into account not only the various article types (beams, plates, etc.) in M-Soft-Steel but also the unique characteristics of each article (length, width, thickness, quality...) and the associated processing types (unwinding, cutting, painting, drilling, ...).

M-Soft-Steel | inventory management

Optimal inventory management

An excessively large inventory may represent a lot of capital that you cannot use for purchasing, investment, etc. That’s why it is important to keep inventory as low as possible while still adhering to short delivery periods and keeping administration tasks to a minimum. M-Soft-Steel will help you with this.

Purchasing and sales pricing system

In order to know the prices of various products and easily manage them, we have developed an extensive pricing system. The pricing system contains articles as well as treatments/operations. You can manage prices per article, customer and customer article (contracts).


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